Maintenance Agreements
  Certified Maintenance Agreements
The CMA coverage as listed is available after, or as a supplement to, the initial warranty.

Security Solution Partners (also referred to as Dealers) opting to purchase support services on an as needed basis only may do so at prevailing Time and Material Rates (T&M). Security Solution Partners with a minimum of two trained and certified SAFENet technicians will be qualified to purchase software maintenance agreements. Those individuals will be registered

as the points of contact for the service agreement. It is important to mention that customers without a CMA may experience a delay in service while the Monitor Dynamics technical support agent works with them to establish a method of payment for services. Valid methods of payment for T&M services can be by credit card or a signed Purchase Order for Security Solution Partners that have established a credit line. Integrators or Security Solution Partners with sites not covered by Warranty, Intermediate Care Service or Critical Care Service options are encouraged to create an Open Purchase Order to cover T&M cost to reduce delay in support coverage. Pricing for T&M technical support services is covered in the Additional Support Services Cost Matrix (Figure 3) within this document.

For our Security Solution Partners (SSP) or integrators desiring to purchase a CMA for systems that are not under a current CMA, these systems may be subject to a recertification charge prior to inclusion under CMA as well as a charge for a software upgrade.

Monitor Dynamics will only accept calls from Security Solution Partners or integrators with current Service Maintenance Agreements. If a call is received from a SSP or integrator other than the SSP or integrator of record, Monitor Dynamics will require permission in written form from the end user stating that they (the end user) are

requesting us to share data about their specific site with another SSP or integrator. After receiving the letter, the SSP or integrator of record will be notified and will be provided ample time to review the account before Monitor Dynamics will supply any information to any other integrator other than the SSP of record.

Standard Telephone Service
Our Customer Support Center provides standard telephone assistance during normal support hours (Mon – Fri, 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., CST). This also includes dial-in system interrogation and diagnosis ability for SAFENet, Pointguard and iTRUST systems for those customers who have installed an access path (There is no charge for Critical Care Service and Intermediate Care).

Service customers; however, a fee is assessed for warranty customers.) To prepare for this service, the end user should supply an auto-answer modem (9600 baud or greater) or a network connection and all of the appropriate software in advance of a remote service request. A dedicated phone line and modem with PC Anywhere are preferred, but not required.

24 x 7 Coverage
A Security Solution Partner’s product-certified technician may leave an emergency message, outside the normal coverage hours, in the technical support emergency mailbox by calling the standard technical support telephone number and leaving the message. If the system the caller is servicing has a valid Critical Care Service agreement and the call is an emergency in nature, there will be no charge for the after hours or holiday telephone technical support provided. If the caller is at a site which does not have a valid Critical Care Service agreement and requires telephone technical assistance, a purchase order at prevailing rates must be forwarded to the on call technician prior to telephone support activities being rendered. Additional charges apply if modem diagnostic support is required.

Telephone Technical Support
During the Agreement, Monitor Dynamics will only accept service calls from employees of the Security Solution Partners of Record for the specific installation to which the support inquiry relates. This caller must have taken and passed a Monitor Dynamics certified course in the product they are servicing. Any other caller requiring technical assistance must forward to a document to Monitor Dynamics, in writing on the end user’s company letterhead, either (1) granting permission from the end user to service the system or (2) stating that the SSP of Record has changed to the caller’s current employer. End users do not have access to direct technical support from Monitor Dynamics.

Products Not Purchased from Monitor Dynamics
On many occasions, the Customer Support Center is requested to provide assistance on hardware and/or software products not purchased from Monitor Dynamics, or assistance is required due to problems caused by these products. When requested, the Customer Support Center will attempt to provide assistance where possible. All Customer Support assistance for such support requests will be billable under the T & M rates then currently in effect.

Software Enhancement Update Service
This service is included as required provision as new features and enhancements are found in software version updates. This service also includes updated documentation as appropriate. Depending on the product, separate charges may be applicable to enhancements or major version upgrades.

Software Maintenance Update Service

This service is included as part of the Critical Care Service and Intermediate Care Service.

Firmware Updates
Firmware updates are provided for IDC and Mercury hardware and Keypad/Readers for Critical Care Service and Intermediate Care Service customers, by request.
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