Dealer Support
  In order for Monitor Dynamics to be successful, its Dealers must be successful. In order for its Dealers to be successful, they must deliver solutions that satisfy the customer. That is why MonDyn supports its Certified Dealers with a wide-variety of comprehensive services which include:
  • Technical Support
  • Pricing & Quote Support
  • End User Customer Support
  • Sales & Proposal (RFP) Support
  • Marketing & Demand Generation Support
  • Engineering Support
  • Maintenance & Training Support
  • Product Replacement, Repair & Support

MonDyn Certified Dealers are trained to maximize customer value and time-to-benefit through the proper installation and integration of SAFEnet software, hardware and firmware. MonDyn Certified Dealers will always receive 100% total backing and support from the manufacturer. Hiring a Certified Dealer is the only way for an end user to purchase MonDyn products, guarantee those products are QA factory tested for reliability, and warranty a complete system against failure.

MonDyn backs its product line with a one year factory warranty at no charge, an extended warranty plan that is tops in the industry and a maintenance program that is as affordable as it is effective. MonDyn Certified Dealers are Security Industry Professionals who are skilled in delivering services across the board such as:

  • Unified access control systems that require multiple layers of technology ranging from standard card readers to advanced biometrics, facial recognition and sensors
  • Intrusion detection, perimeter protection and secure remote management for the largest and most classified high-security organizations
  • Unified Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems, networked video systems and IP based video solutions with advanced capabilities such as intelligent video analysis, 3D motion detection and infinite video storage
  • Unified vehicle barriers, security gates and fencing, virtual perimeters and other next generation sensor technology
  • Traditional cable, fiber optic and wireless infrastructure
  • Comprehensive global command and control centers
  • Alarm, intercom, central station and mobile video solutions for transportation, cargo, law enforcement or homeland security environments
MonDyn Dealers offer a full range of physical security assessment and design services including threat assessment, system design and specification, program management, maintenance, training, and ongoing support.
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please contact Monitor Dynamics at or call Customer Service at 210.845.4772 for any dealer information required.
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