Legacy System Upgrades
The Path to an Upgrade

Migrating From SAFEnet 5.6.3 (sp3) to SAFEnet 6.2.16 (sp4)
I. Purchase New Servers (Database and Application) and Workstations
Install 2008 Server
Install 2008 SQL Server
Install MS Windows 7
Install SAFEnet 6.2.16 sp4 on New Servers
Configure Disaster Recovery and Backup
II. Purchase SAFEnet 5.6.3 sp3 to 6.2.16 sp4 Upgrade Software
III. Acquire the existing SAFEnet 5.6.3 sp3 Database Information from Customer
  a. Perform Database Conversion (conversions can be performed on-site, depending on the information security needs of the client due to sensitivity or classification level of the data being converted)
IV. Install Converted Database to New Servers
V. Test Servers and Configurations
Change Server Names to Match Sites
Change IP Addresses to Match Sites
VI. Setup New Workstations
  a. Synchronize with New Upgraded Servers
VII. Create System Cut-Over Plan (based on customer site specifics and requirements)
VIII. Install on Network and Cut-Over to New Servers (as detailed in plan)
IX. Test all Alarm Points and Access Control Functionality
X. Train Users on Changes – UPGRADE COMPLETE
The new SAFEnet 6.2.16 sp4 System and Related Hardware
I. The new SAFEnet 6.2.16 sp4 software will function on all versions of SAFEnet hardware, whether Legacy, IDC, or the new “BlueEdge” hardware line that is scheduled for release in September 2011.
II. If the client is running on legacy hardware, we recommend upgrading the field panels at the time of upgrade due to latency issues that might arise. There is always the risk that parts availability issues that may arise from unforeseen end-of-life announcements from our suppliers.
III. A Phased Implementation Plan for the installation of new SAFEnet Hardware can be created with assistance from the Monitor Dynamics “Blue Team”. This Implementation can be modified to meet the budgetary and operational needs of the client. IV. Hardware Conversions can be Accomplished Simultaneously with the SAFEnet 6.2.16 sp4 Software Upgrade for best results.
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