Monitor Dynamics' SAFEnet Unified Security Platform is the most decorated product in the physical security space. Not only has SAFEnet been proven in the field; securing some of the largest and most highly classified global enterprises on the planet for over 30 years, but it has also been laboratory tested by 3rd party certified industry professionals, against most of the biggest brand names in the integrated access control industry. In each of these tests, SAFEnet has proven that it is the best overall unified access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance management platform on the market.

Most recently, SAFEnet was capabilities tested, lab tested, field tested and chosen by CertiPath (, the certifying authority for the Federal Bridge and PIV-I testing, over all other physical access control systems (PACS) on the market, to be the exclusive PACS platform for all PIV-I testing in their organization.
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MonDyn welcomes any product award testing, security testing or side by sidecomparison opportunities from security industry organizations, media outlets or prospective customers to prove the market-leading capabilities of the SAFEnet product. SAFEnet's proven history protecting the highest security Governmentorganizations in the world, its many product certifications, its thousandsofinstallations, itsmillions of secured access points and its wide-variety ofproductawards are more than enough to prove its leadership position in the market, but MonDyn ALERT Engineers seem to enjoy a challenge.It keeps them sharp, and keeps their customers happy knowing that they have chosen a winner. Below is a cross-section of some of MonDyn's past product awards:


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