Engineering Services
  Monitor Dynamics Advanced Logic Engineering & Research Team (ALERT)

All of the products offered by MonDyn are designed by engineers with decades of security domain knowledge. MonDyn's ALERT (Advanced Logic Engineering and Research Team) team understands the functional, technical and business requirements of today's IT based security systems, including access control, intrusion detection, identity compliance, IP video surveillance, wireless mesh, time & attendance, visitor management, handheld readers, biometrics, facial recognition, intelligent video, smart card technology, information security, databases, switches, routers, networking, data and communications management systems. Their knowledge and deep security industry experience combined with the latest processes in hardware and software technology development has produced the industry's first and only truly unified open architecture security management platform.

MonDyn prides itself on employing the top security engineering minds in the industry with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing security solutions that are technically capable of solving the daily security challenges of our enterprise customers. This is accomplished through the creation and development of Software Modules that like hi-tech lego pieces, can be bolted on to the SAFEnet Unified Security Platform to meet the necessary requirements. SAFEnet is the first Modular-off-the-Shelf (MOTS) solution in the industry. This capability means that as a SAFEnet customer, you will never be stuck without a solution. If there is a security requirement that needs unification into the platform, the ALERT team can accomplish it.

Why modular? Because that's the way our customers wanted it thirty years ago, and that's the way they still want it today. MOTS solutions deliver value and a return on investment that cannot be matched by the COTS (commercial off the shelf) integrated access control products made by our competitors. Just look at our client list as proof. Most have been with MonDyn over twenty years or more, and with the backward compatibility features offered in SAFEnet, combined with the new product lines being developed for the future, they plan on being with MonDyn for another twenty. Besides that, all of the products manufactured by MonDyn are lab tested for the highest levels quality assurance to ensure optimal performance and life.

Many Security Industry Professionals call MonDyn systems "bulletproof". Most likely because they have been running in some organizations for several decades without the need for an upgrade - now that's a technology that was before its time. "You install them correctly and they never stop running" they say. Well, if you ask the ALERT Team, they will just smile and tell you, "That's the way it's supposed to be."

MonDyn's ALERT Team also performs custom engineering field services through Certified Dealers. They offer factory integration services, factory acceptance testing, advanced configuration and database services to support their Dealers with large-scale deployments, software upgrades and full scale fork-lift upgrades.

MonDyn Alert Team Lab
The ALERT Team is the prime component in all unification efforts within the SAFEnet platform. All products, technologies and applications that bolt onto the platform are unified by the Team in a lab environment. This area also serves as a product testing capability for customers looking to purchase products for their organization. Prior to purchase, the customer has the ability to test the prospective purchases and make sure they function as advertised and can be unified into the platform for maximum benefit through centralized command and control.

Monitor Dynamics Technical & Customer Support
The ALERT Team also supports MonDyn's Technical & Customer Support functions as needed. MonDyn offers multiple levels of tiered support services geared at providing cost effective post-installation support that may be needed for proper system function. The MonDyn Technical Support Team is equipped with the tools, capabilities and knowledge to ensure that technical support calls are answered and processed as promptly and professionally as possible. The ALERT Team serves as their Tier 3 support function when needed.

MonDyn Customer Support Personnel are dedicated to providing the best level of response and support for customer orders, repairs, inventory availability and order tracking services. With MonDyn all security products are ordered, processed and shipped from one central location. The ALERT Team supports the Customer Service function through proper testing and diagnosis of product returns, Quality Assurance reporting on all products (all products are tested and documented prior to shipping) and re-testing of advanced replacement products when necessary.
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