Return, Repairs and Replacement
  Corporate Requirements and Policies:

Delivery and Shipment:
Delivery will be made F.O.B. Origin. Title to equipment will pass to purchaser upon delivery of equipment by Monitor Dynamics to carrier. Purchaser is responsible for, and will bear the entire risk of loss or damage to equipment. In no event shall title pass to purchaser for any Software.

Shipment will be prepaid and added to invoice amount and products will be shipped in standard commercial packaging unless otherwise specified by purchaser. Monitor Dynamics will invoice purchaser for all shipping and handling charges unless provided with the purchasers account number.

Purchaser is responsible for requesting any insurance against damage to the equipment being shipped. Monitor Dynamics does not insure packages unless expressly requested by purchaser at time of order placement. At the request of the purchaser all shipments will be insured in the amount equal to or greater than the replacement cost of the products being shipped. Insurance costs will be added to the invoice amount.

Any terms or conditions printed on the face or reverse side of purchaser's purchase order form shall not be part of this Agreement or add to or modify terms in this Agreement unless both parties hereto expressly agree in writing to include any such terms or conditions.

Freight Claims:
Products purchased from Monitor Dynamics are shipped F.O.B. Origin. Freight and any requested insurance costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. All freight claims must be filed with the freight company by the purchaser.

Shipment Discrepancies:
Incorrect Shipments:
If the products you receive do not match your purchase order, please contact the Customer Service Department immediately. Any products that have been incorrectly shipped must be returned within (15) fifteen days of receipt. These products may be returned at no charge, and the freight cost for returning the incorrectly shipped products will be paid by Monitor Dynamics.

Incorrect Orders by Reseller:
Return of a product(s) ordered in error must be returned to Monitor Dynamics no later than (20) twenty days from the date of receipt from Monitor Dynamics in order to receive a credit less restocking fees. Please contact the Customer Service Department @ (210) 477-5400 for an authorization number. Following receipt of authorization number the product(s) must be received by Monitor Dynamics within (15) fifteen days. Shipping costs for such return are the responsibility of the purchaser. Restocking fee will be charged @ 25% of the purchase price per product(s). All product(s) must be returned in unused condition with the original packing intact including any documentation and peripheral parts (if applicable). Monitor Dynamics will not accept the return of used equipment.

Before returning any defective product(s) for credit, purchaser must complete and submit an RMA form (available here on the website) marking the box labeled credit. Once the RMA form is received by Monitor Dynamics a member of the Technical Support staff will contact the purchaser within (48) forty-eight hours to ensure that the product is defective. Once the product has been confirmed defective by a Support Technician, an RMA number will be issued for the return of the product. If an advance replacement part is requested (this service is only available for the first 90 days after shipment of product) a faxed purchase order must be sent to Monitor Dynamics noting the RMA number issued. This purchase order should be sent via email to or faxed to (210) 477-5401. The purchase order should list the part(s) needed at current published dealer price and method of shipment requested. A confirmation will be emailed and the replacement part will be sent. Please note that a credit will only be issued if it is determined that the product has failed out of the box. If it is determined that the returned product has been tampered with or damaged in any way, the item will be repaired (if possible) and returned to the purchaser and repair charges may be assessed. No credit for the advance replacement purchase order will be issued.

Before returning any defective product(s) for repair, purchaser must complete and submit an RMA form (available here on the website) marking the box labeled repair. Once the RMA form is received by Monitor Dynamics an RMA number will be issued to the purchaser within (48) forty-eight hours, including shipping instructions and any other applicable information. A copy of the RMA request form must be enclosed with the shipment and the RMA number clearly marked on the package. Failure to adhere to any of these steps may result in a delay in processing the RMA.

Cancellation of an order must occur prior to shipment of the order. Dealers may cancel a Monitor Dynamics accepted purchase order (for standard products only) by written request, 30 days or more before the confirmed shipment date provided by Monitor Dynamics order confirmation. An order cancellation request received any time between the 30 day and shipment date window will be subject to approval by Monitor Dynamics and a cancellation fee of up to 20% may be assessed.
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