The Unified Command & Control Security Platform

SAFEnet is a patented open architecture, flexible framework security command and control operating system that is a generation beyond current integrated solutions. It overcomes the limitations of current industry offerings by providing:
  • Unprecedented Flexibility to Customize and Scale the Solution
  • True Unification of Attached Resources
  • A Single Environment, A Complete Solution
  • The Fastest, Most Cost Efficient Development of New Capabilities
  • Capacity to Meet Security Needs Well into the FutureTrue Unification of Attached Resources
The benefits of Unification over Integration are many. True Unification allows complete collaborative and actionable views of the entire security picture for the fastest situational analysis and response. It allows automated response and management by exception for a solution that requires a fraction of the staff normally needed to monitor security. And true Unification allows the system to accommodate leap step technology advances that would require completely new version releases and potentially complete rewrites to address in other solutions. SAFEnet allows the fastest, most cost efficient development of assets needed to unify the full spectrum of data and commands from any attached resource.
Fastest Development of New Capabilities
SAFEnet's use of modular add-ons to implement functionality allows development of new capabilities through discrete modules. This flexible framework architecture greatly diminishes the impact of new development on the rest of the system, reducing time and cost of development, testing and implementation. This also allows any newly developed module to be made available to every other SAFEnet client. What takes months or years and tremendous cost to develop in other solutions in the industry takes days or weeks to develop for SAFEnet and can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost.

Unprecedented Flexibility
SAFEnet facilitates nearly every aspect of security and facility management through modular add-ons which rest on top of a flexible framework architecture. The platform allows modular addition of Graphic User Interfaces, functionality, logic, data, and data driven device drivers. The result of this architecture is unprecedented flexibility, scalability and agility both to customize the solution set at install, for the individual user, or for additions in the future. No other solution on the market today is as flexible or agile.

Capacity to Meet Security Needs Well into the Future
If a command and control solution cannot meet your needs five years from now, it doesn't make sense to implement it. SAFEnet is designed to allow rapid custom development of discrete add-on modules to accommodate literally anything required. It was designed specifically to allow Monitor Dynamics or the client to evolve the solution to any need, even ones we could not predict. Modular functionality makes this possible. The core framework architecture need not change to realize incremental growth of functionality. It is the only command and control solution that provides this kind of growth potential.

SAFEnet Delivers a Tremendous Return on Investment and the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership:
Reduced Cost of Installation

Unified Technology dramatically reduces the cost to attach new resources to the system and eliminates the surprises inherent in other C2 solutions when supposedly integrated devices require integration at install. Single solution license eliminates the additional or surprise licensing requirements to facilitate a complete solution.
Single environment solution allows the installation staff to focus on a single technology without managing the potential conflicts between the various separate executables.

Reduced Cost of Maintenance
A Single Unified Command and Control Environment minimizes training required to monitor and maintain the solution. Single solution greatly reduces time required to troubleshoot errors and reduces potential for errors or conflicts.

Reduced Cost of Operation
Unified collaborative and actionable access to the full range of data and functionality of attached resources allows management by exception, automation and the fastest possible situational analysis and response. The security staff is able to focus on only those events that require their immediate intervention, significantly reducing staff requirements to monitor security while improving response times to critical events. With SAFEnet, response to security events can happen in seconds rather than minutes. The efficiency of the system allows centralized monitoring of geographically disparate locations with a small staff. There are current clients that monitor more than 40 facilities across the US from a central location with a staff of less than 5.

Reduced Cost to Upgrade
Unified and complete environment reduces potential software conflicts and testing required for upgrades. With separate solution executables from other vendors potential conflict between legacy and new version releases must be considered. The framework architecture in SAFEnet separates the core solution from the individual functional elements at the code level. Addition of new functionality to the system may be made without customization or modification to the core. The result is a solution that may be freely added to or customized without potential conflict in upgrading to a new release. Modular add-on architecture allows any new or custom functionality developed to be available to all SAFEnet clients, significantly reducing the cost of new development and accelerating the availability of new capabilities for all SAFEnet solutions. New development of custom functionality is accomplished through modular architecture, greatly reducing impact on the rest of SAFEnet. The result is dramatically reduced cost to develop, test and implement.

Reduced Cost of Expansion
SAFEnet was built to scale. Any SAFEnet solution may expand to multiple or even global facility security management, distributed, centralized or both without hardware or software replacement cost or conversion
SAFEnet does not force dependence on proprietary control hardware. If your current command and control solution uses industry standard door control hardware from MERCURY Security you can migrate to SAFEnet without incurring hardware replacement cost.

SAFEnet uses modular add-ons for nearly every aspect of its functionality. These modules are licensed as functional solution sets. This eliminates the need for separate executables to manage each area of the security solution. Where traditional command and control solutions require purchase of multiple software packages with separate executables for complete management of your security resources, the SAFEnet enterprise solution set provides an all-inclusive environment with everything required to manage, control and administer security and more.

SAFEnet delivers an enterprise-grade Easy to Use Unified Solution that is HSPD-12, FIPS 201 and PIV II Compliant. (Certipath Certified)

A single license of the Enterprise Functionality Set for SAFEnet can provide such features as:
  • Access Control (Wired and Wireless)
  • Multi-Server, Centralized, Distributed Monitor and Control
  • Video Surveillance Management (IP and Analog)
  • PTZ Movement on Alarm Event
  • Multiview changing on Alarm Event
  • Definable Zone Types
  • Arming Control
  • Multiple Access Account
  • Shifts / Accounts
  • Schedules / Account
  • Segregated Database - Two-man Access Control
  • Video Badging
  • User Definable Cardholder Data Entry Screen Layout
  • Call Up Cameras from Map
  • Enhanced Local Network Control
  • User Configurable Event Queues
  • User Configurable Event Kinds Messages
  • Test Mode Editor
  • User Configurable Program and Map Tree Icons
  • User Configurable Map Icons
  • Message Vectoring
  • User Configurable Disposition Entries
  • User Configurable Operator Profiles
  • User Configurable Reports
  • Guard Tour
  • Elevator Control
  • Quick View Dossier on Cardholder Data - Including Photo
  • Command Files
  • Account Supervision Scheduling
  • Command File Scheduling
  • Global Linkage Capability
  • Local Linkage Support
  • Action List Support
  • Alarm Acknowledgement
  • Dispatch Files
  • Individual Arming Code Controls
  • Subscribers Lists
  • SCIF Support
  • Remote Workstation Two-person Account Command Control
  • Two Man Arming with Smart Keypads
  • On-screen Journal, Logs and Recent Events Detail
  • Remote Workstation Lockout
  • Remote Workstation Shutdown
  • Deadman polling and auto-shutdown and redirect of monitoring and control
  • Popup Video on Event
  • Popup Photo on Access Control Event - (photo verification)
  • Multi-site Event Status
  • Intelligent Video Support
  • Analytic Video Detection Support
  • Intrusion / Alarm Management
  • Full Biometrics Support
  • Access Control Administration
  • Complete Credential Support - Badge Designer, Imaging, more
  • Centralized Multi-Site Monitoring and Control
  • Advance Custom Report Generation
  • Anti-pass-back
  • Graphical Map Interface
  • Complete Audit Trails
  • Multilanguage Support
  • Support for all ID Card / Reader / Printer Technologies
  • Centralized / Distributed User Enrollment
Just to name a few.
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